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I would like to welcome you to my website and i hope you will benefit from it.

My name is sarah I have a bachelor degree in computer science, HR manager is my experience in work, a mom and a parenting coach. It looks like a weird mix but my passion has always been in solving problems (CS) understanding people (HR) becoming a coach is kind of satisfying for me as it has both. But a Real Coach won't directly solve a problem, but will let the coachee think of solutions that will help him/her in acheiving their goal. I received ASCTH from Intellect, approved by ICF. I will be using this website and my other social media in sharing some tips in parenting for a better relationship and better nurturing journey. Specially in the Corona as we are all struggling right now to stay safe, and healthy. Here i want to Remind everyone to add THE WELL BEING to the stay safe RULE. Our well Being is Really important in maintaining and keeping a healthy immunity. Later will talk More about that. Have A Great time in my cozy place. There are many parenting ways and styles. Learn them along with knowing your kid you will eventually find what suits you both.

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